Friday, 14 August 2009

blood spattered vested man in t-pose

just as the title says - tiny bit of blood on that vest. more to come . . .

new sketch book, so drew one of my favourite things. a zombie. This one has been stabbed in the lungs with a spade. I usually try to treat sketchbooks really sweetly when i first start them, but invariably they get ruined by ugly messy lists and scribbly notes. Actually i am trying to draw more, as for years now, i have not been spending the time sitting down with pad and pencil just for the hell of it.

This sketch I made on another flight back to london from canada of a Victorian lady looking out of a plane window. The intention is to combine the two pictures later and make a scene.

Sunday, 9 August 2009

unit del pedro at 30 grand feet

a drawing of myself looking out the window on a flight back from New York city. I was flying back after a meeting in which the job I am currently working on, was not green lit as I had hoped. The job booked several weeks later and its a project I dearly love.

New Zealand Feb '09

These snaps were taken when Tania, Tama and I were in NZ last summer. We hired a camper Van and drove down the south island to Rico and Suzi's wedding. Was a sweet time and all my youthful hatred of campervans has been erased.

Saturday, 8 August 2009

blog entry number one.

test with engine at 30, 000 feet.