Wednesday, 26 January 2011

fatsuit + hdri + syntheyes + mum's kitchen

this little tracked test wont impress anyone but its the first one using a HDRI that I shot myself demoing some new nodal gear from hongkong. Location ? my dear old mums house. The kitchen to be exact and the hdri I used to light this test is below.

Tama, a Bona Fide freak of nature, part II

I shot this on my little pentax underwater camera and the clicking is the air bubbles in the microphone. I thought just before I shot this that he looked lost at sea, and the shot works well for that. But really he is looking at the caustic light on his toes. Fiji is all sorts of good times.

drawings and paintings of old men

Recently my computer life was on a ship, furiously dodging pirates to get to New Zealand where I was waiting, beer in hand. One of the benefits of having no computers around is generally getting out more. That and drawing old men. 

Tama, a Bona Fide freak of nature.

This is my son Tama in Fiji. Tania and I took him out to the reef snorkeling and it was a beautiful thing. When i took this snap he was two + 3/4 and so good in the water. Putting his head under, holding his breath for a decent chop of time and pointing at the fishes.