Wednesday, 13 April 2011

whiskey pete's and buffalo bill's

my good bud, the High King of Scale and Rotate - Bill Sneed sent me these two snaps.
Between California and Nevada, the first stop is two casinos across from each other, called Whiskey Pete's and Buffalo Bill's. Classic.

Monday, 11 April 2011

Chris Stewart at Point Annihilation. 1992

I was going thru some old snaps, and found this. Its my mate Chris who sadly died in a car crash the year after we graduated university. Ages ago now. I took this from the rocks and with a 50mm lens. So this wave breaks incredibly close to the shore, and you can hear the boulders roll around under the water in the swell as they are strangely round. Chris was the only one of us who really surfed this break and slotted into the waves with real menace. The rest of us were shitting our pants. I think he would like that this snap is online. he was really proud of it.