Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Sets : the study - sketches and styleframe.

I used Cinema 4D extensively for all concept work. I prefer to work in 3D space as quickly as possible, so my sketches were then modeled in Bitstate’s london studio by Jay Harwood. I would then take the 3D set to texture, and set dress it, to my liking. I am a pretty hands on guy and really love doing this stuff myself as it establishes the look and feel for the film for everybody in production to see before we put these models into final surfacing. Its also a great way to figure out cameras and lens work early on as you can drop a camera in the scene to visualize your shots accurately to how it should play out via the script. Jay's very quick and clean modeling was vital to my process.
I called this stage script geography as it plotted out the space the characters would move with-in against the script. For example I wanted Virginia to open a door at the back of the room, and almost timidly approach her occupied father, to ask the big question - ‘ papa, is there a santa claus ? ‘

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