Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Virginia - early concept art

Bill Sneed and I worked together on the original pitch back way back in August 2008. We executed this pitch together over a period of three feverish summer days and it fell to Bill to execute the concept sketches for Virginia. Bill fell in love, and so the romantic gentleman departed for LA not long afterwards, but you can see how the original concept art was key to the development to Virginia’s character.
She is a beautiful character, but to get her to look so sweet from all angles took ALOT of work in the 3D department. This is because her head is quite big and flat. Ultimately if virginia was seen in profile it would not be flattering to her character design so we determined during layout that we would try to limit these shots as much as possible. We did an enormous amount of tweaking on her face geometry to make it work for the shots and I think it payed off handsomely. I am so proud of this character, and there is so much to say about the character development in general which sadly I don’t think I’ll have time to do write this up at length just yet.

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  1. Hey! I really love the Design! she's so cute!